So you want to join the Convocation? This forum is here to give you a brief introduction to our guild and let you write your own applications for the Scions to review. Good luck!
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How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

I’ve been playing WOW on and off for a few years now, Starting back during Cataclysm as a Goblin then stopped for abit then was lured back for the lovely oriental feel of Panderia paused again then really came back for Legion where I finally found people to play with that really gave the game the feel it needed.

How much experience do you have with roleplaying?

I’ve started table top back when I was about 18, so 15 years ago (damn I feel old now) then I started live action role-play at 19. During those years I have GM’d table top games and also ran campaigns for live action games as well. I only really started roleplaying on Wow about maybe two years ago?

How confident would you say you are with the English language?

Native English speaker and writer so hopefully that is fine.

If you were to join the guild, how often would you be available?

I usually attend a Yoga class on a Wednesday, but I am sure I’ll be able to make the other two unless something important does come up. And then there is the usual popping on the game for other reasons.

If you were to join the guild what would be your priority when online?

I’ve never been a big PvP player and I normally do the raids for story content or older raids for transmog gear. So I’ll never miss a guild event for a PvP or raid event in game.

Why do you wish to join the guild?

I’ve got three friends already in your guild, and I’ve only heard positive things about the guild from them. RP on the Moonglade etc server has always been strongest in guilds with the very rare occasion when you have been able to walk into a random rp situation in a major city. Thus it would be a pleasure to be a part of an active guild on the server and be part of an exciting narrative campaign.

Section II - Character Information:

What is your character's name?

Valaax, he no longer discloses or identifies with his family name.

What is your character's current occupation?

With the defeat of the Legion Valaax now finds himself lost and without purpose, cleared of his crimes thanks to his service in the war with the Legion he now finds himself a wander using his talents as a Warlock for mercenary work to keep himself fed and clothed.

What is your character's race?


What is the reason for your character's interest in the Convocation? If he or she is not an elf, what would lead them to an elven organization?

Valaax has lost his purpose and also his way in his current existence now the war has ended. But during the campaign against the Legion he got to feel useful and part of something greater, he found a cause after so long alone. This has stirred a longing and need within the Warlock.

He was always a patriot to his people; it was that which lead to his imprisonment in the first place. Now with the memory of being part of something greater after so long alone and a desire to serve his peoples aims burning within him. Valaax seeks an organisation which will allow him to channel this need but also a strong intrest in Sin’dorei goals and needs.

What does your character look like?

Valaax has the same fey like features of the Sin’dorei that sets them apart for the other races of the Horde. He cuts a slight figure, slim rather than lithe and his face hollow and gaunt from his years imprison without real food and nutrition. His stance and attention to the detail of his attire does betray his noble upbringing and the way his dark hair is always well combed and tidy shows a slight hint of pride in appearance.

What does your character feel about the Blood Elves' place in the Horde? What is their opinion of the other races?

Valaax had little contact with the Horde until the War, and what he saw then was more inspirational than anything else. But a battle against such an enemy would always bring out the best in people rather than the worst. He saw courage from all, be it the small and cunning Goblins to the large and honourable Tauren. It was all these displays which earned his Respect for the Horde and its members.

Yet there are always imperfections in all things, even with their displays during the war Valaax found it hard to take a shine to the Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe, even though all he knew of the war of their peoples was from books he read during breaks from his study. There is also the Forsaken, yes one of the Sin’dorei strongest supporters for admission into the Horde, but the sight of them. There is something unsettling about the sight of so much death walking around, perhaps in time he will adapt to their unloving allies especially with the Queen of the Forsaken our current Warchief.

What does your character think of the current state of the Horde? Branching off from this, tell us in brief about their opinion on Thrall's and Garrosh's Horde.

Valaax has only seen the Horde at its best and greatest, currently it is riding the wave of its victory over the Burning Legion after a hard fought and vicious campaign. A campaign which saw the Horde united and strong under its new Warchief Sylvannas the Banshee Queen. He is curious to see what the future has in hold now there is a calm in Azeroth, what will this new Warchief bring to the Horde and will this Undead High Elf show favour to the Sin’dorei.

Of course there have over Warchiefs and times where the Horde was not so united, and the information about these times were only fed back to Valaax by talkative guards during his imprisonment. Many spoke of Thrall in a positive light, he was the Warchief that had welcomed the Sin’dorei into the Horde. The Horde under Thrall always sounded more like an attempt at a great family to Valaax, Thrall sounded like a wise and compassionate leader. Yet one who would not shy from battle when he was pushed. Thrall cared for all the races of the Horde unlike the Orc who ruled after him.

Garrosh name only came to Valaax after he had become Warchief, he never heard or learned of his time under Thrall or as a Commander against the Lich King and his Scourge. His time as Warchief started with talks of a grand and great Horde which soon sounded more and more like an Orc Empire. It didn’t take long for Garrosh vision to turn sour and corrupted then of course there was the civil war with Valaax’s people standing with Vol’jin and Baine’s uprising. All these details lead Valaax to the impression Garrosh was a power crazed fool who perhaps wished to create something of the Horde that would see him escape Thralls shadow?

What was your character's family like?

Valaax was born into one of the minor noble families of the Sin’dorei, his family fortunes came from there exquisite enchanted jewellery. His father was a strict and sometimes overbearing man who always wanted more of Valaax expecting him to reach a high rank and bring some glory to the family legacy. His mother was the polar opposite, she spoiled Valaax and would often be the whisper in his Fathers ear which allowed him to walk the path he did.

The family estate was during Valaax’s childhood located on Sunstride Isle as his father liked both the view but also the access to the beach. Some of the pearls found there would make excellent additions to some of the family’s more popular jewellery.

Of course after Valaax imprisonment and shame he no longer knows if his family still call the place where he was brought up home, he never worked up the courage to visit there.

What was your character's life like before they chose to join the Convocation? Give us a summary thereof.

Valaax never showed any talent with the blade or the bow, much to his father’s disappointment but did show some degree of ability with the arcane. Thanks to his families wealth he was taught the arcane under a private tuition, his skill was slow to develop to his lack of focus and discipline. He was spoiled by his mother and found the mental discipline needed for spellcraft to taxing, it was after a furious row with his father in which he called Valaax a disappointment that caused the soon to be warlock to walk the path he did.
Valaax studied twice as hard in a bid to prove himself, but alas still only showing a moderate talent in the arcane nothing that would win his father approval back.

But in his study he found another method of magic one in which he would found a greater ability in the path of Demonology. Much to his tutor and his father’s disappointment Valaax changed his learning and it was again the intervention of his Mother which soothed his Father fury.

It was then when history intervened and everything took a greater turn for the worse, The invasion of the Scourge and the destruction of the Sunwell and the desperation that followed. Valaax had never seen his Father look so worried and his Mother took to drinking more and more in an attempt to escape the problems of the world. Valaax was still but a young man too unskilled to have helped the Sin’dorei cause in anyway, so to his shame he avoiding any of the conflict where possible.

When the decision to travel to Outland by Prince Kael’thas was brought up at the dinner table one evening it led to an interesting discussion, his father wanted to go and help the Sin’dorei cause but also did not wish to leave there home in such dark times. His Mother now somewhat lost to the bottle, thought that Outland would be pretty and an exciting trip for the family. Valaax himself wish to stay but for his own personnel reasons.

Now an established Warlock in his own right, Valaax thought the answer to his peoples need was in the magic of Demons. In his youthful pride and with the need to win his Fathers approval he believed he could enslave potent demons and use their own magic’s for his peoples need. He attempted a ritual to bind a powerful demon alone in one of the more deserted areas of the infamous Murder row. To no-one’s surprise the ritual went horrible wrong with the demon in question breaking free and running rampant before it was destroyed by the guard. Alas during the chaos three Sin’dorei lost the life and Valaax himself was injured.

A trail was done as he recovered and perhaps due to his Families interference or perhaps due to the more pressing events Valaax was sentenced to imprisonment rather than execution. This is where he spent the next years missing much of recent history; it was when the Legion assaulted Azeroth that he was released to use his magic’s to fight the demonic tide. He would be granted a pardon for his service but his jailors expected the scrawny mess that left the prison to not live till the end of the war. It was this desire to make amends which got Valaax through the various battles and campaigns and holding on to surviving to enjoy his freedom after the war.

What is your character's skillset, what would they contribute to the Convocation?

Many of Valaaxs hobbies were lost to him during his imprisonment, he enjoyed various enjoyments of culture in his youth he particularly enjoyed flower arranging and gardening. During his time in prison he was put to work, not having the build or the endurance for manual labour. He was made to sew and repair garments and tabards which helped him gain some skill in tailoring which saw him help to do more complex things.

Of course there is also Valaax ability as a Warlock, he was of average skill as a youth but it was his time in the War against the Legion where he really became a veteran and more skilled.

How does your character's respond to authority?

Growing up in the nobility gave Valaax the respect towards titles that comes from that type of lifestyle. But it was time in prison that really showed him real authority, and to respect it or else. He has become a far more timid creature after his time in prison more nervous in his mannerisms and eager to avoid conflict with his own people and members of the Horde. He is quick to obey a command as loud voices easily fear him, the combination of various angry prison guards and strict commanders during the war have helped break the stiff pride of nobility from Valaax.

Section III – Writing

With the knowledge that the Wretched may never be cured of their ailment, what would be the most morally sound course of action in handling them?

A truly interesting question, but I ask you this in response. If the Forsaken can never be restored to full life again how should we deal with them? Yes I know Forsaken are quite different and serve the Horde faithfully, well those that do not secretly hate the living them. Yet they have their own issues with their condition, look at the ones that suffer from the rotting of the brain and simple become feral creatures. A more accurate comparison to our own Wretched would you not agree? A rotting of their mind due to certain issues has caused them to become feral creatures with a greed that defines everything about them.
In a more compassionate approach we can look at our new friends, allies and cousins the Nightbourne. During the uprising we assisted with they found methods of control which allowed them to turn their very own wretches into a powerful weapon nay an army of its own almost. Using our new alliance with our cousins could we not find a way of copying this very technique to control our Wretched and put them to use? Building work or some form of helpful manual labour that benefits our people as a whole?
Then there is the other less compassionate method, and perhaps the quicker way. We simply wipe them out. They are a symbol of what our people almost became and a constant reminder to the dark path some of us fell to. By burning them out of existence would it not be a mercy to the poor souls they have become and a wipe of that shame from our memories?
I count myself lucky that I do not have to make those decisions, but each option has qualities that must be considered. I am also sure there are many other options available to us as well, I am hoping that In this period of calm we can perhaps solve this issue and many others once and for all.

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Re: Valaax

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This is generally a very solid application and I'd be happy to extend you an invite, though at the time of writing, we will need to discuss a few details regarding the end of the war with the Legion and when we could go about introducing your character. Message Evenmourn/Sorlain or join us on our discord link. I have given you full membership privileges and you should be able to read through the rest of our forum. I hope to hear from you soon.

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