Application - Malxari Nethershade

So you want to join the Convocation? This forum is here to give you a brief introduction to our guild and let you write your own applications for the Scions to review. Good luck!
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Application - Malxari Nethershade

Post by Malxari » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:12 pm

Section I - Player Information

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

I originally dipped my toe into WoW during Vanilla, but played very casually (and was unaware of RP) up until WoTLK, where I took a break.
I returned during WoD, having expressed an interest in RPing with a group of friends at the time, and have played since - mostly RPing, but also raiding / running Mythic+ and PvPing.

How much experience do you have with roleplaying?

I've been RPing for roughly eight years - starting with a small, community-driven cyberpunk MMORPG where RP was typically politically focused and conflict was prominent.

Since then, I've branched out to tabletop (particularly the World of Darkness games) and LARP - having both played and DMed several tabletop settings for around six years, and attending festival LARP events for around four years.

How confident would you say you are with the English language?

English was a favoured subject of mine in school, and I studied it at AS level. I am a native english speaker.

If you were to join the guild, how often would you be available?

I currently work full time and return home at around 18:30GMT, but my evenings are generally free - I would most likely be able to commit to most event days, as well as be available for social RP.

However, I usually return home later on a wednesday, so if I were to attend an event on that night, I would likely be delayed.

If you were to join the guild what would be your priority when online?

I would certainly prioritise events and RP over PvE / PvP content, however I am happy to run in guild groups through raid content or Mythic+ / PvP (rated or otherwise).

Why do you wish to join the guild?

Due to several factors my current guild is coming to an end, and now that I've acclimatised to my job I feel I can begin to actively RP again. Several of my friends are in the application process for this guild, and I've heard good things. It would be interesting to interact with new characters while also having a pre-existing dynamic with some of my former guildmates.

Section II - Character Information:

What is your character's name?

Malxari Nethershade

What is your character's current occupation?

Malxari is a Demon Hunter, through and through. He harbours a somewhat less black-and-white view on what that entails compared to others of his kind, but is dedicated to protecting the denizens of Azeroth from threats both foreign and domestic.

What is your character's race?

Malxari is a Blood Elf.

What is the reason for your character's interest in the Convocation?

Malxari's life has just taken a drastic turn; having been wounded gravely on the Broken Shore as the skies were torn asunder and Argus burned into view, he was dragged through a portal to Silvermoon where his wounds have largely been treated, but not without taking their toll. Having attempted to make contact with his allies, he caught wind of the Blood Knight reassignments.

Walking the streets gingerly, he contemplated how he could best protect those he cares most for, and decided that the Convocation is the way forwards.

What does your character look like?

Malxari is the better part of middle aged, but retains some of his youthful complexion. His long, silvered hair is sleek and healthy - obviously it has been well kept.

Malxari seems to have adapted to the change differently to his peers. Instead of embracing the more demonic aspects of his appearance, he clearly makes an effort to conceal them - from the neck downwards, at least.
Generally, it is rare to see him without a full set of armour, covering most of his skin.
However, for whatever reason, he is usually seen without the typical Illidari blindfold.

Malxari stands at a reasonable height for a Blood Elf.

To describe him as muscular would almost be an insult. Years of intense training kept him at the peak of physical fitness, even before he stepped into the pit.

Sporting several scars, it is clear that Malxari has seen much conflict in his time.
It's not difficult to imagine him as a veteran of many wars.

During Metamorphosis, Malxari bears a grizzly resemblance to the demons of the ered'ruin - albeit with several key variations.

Hard, blackened, chitinous scales adorn every inch of flesh, and twisted spines protrude from his scalp, back and shoulders. A deep, unsettling glow permeates the breaks between scales.

His wings, tattered, barbed and oozing with Fel taint, reach a span of over twenty feet.

Large, menacing claws adorn his talon-like hands, radiating Fel energy through the cracks on the surface.

What does your character feel about the Blood Elves' place in the Horde? What is their opinion of the other races?

Having left for Outland alongside Kael's forces, Malxari carried hope for his people. When Kael betrayed that vision of hope, Malxari had nowhere to turn except for the Black Temple - the very place that was later sacked and brought to ruin at the hand of the Horde and Alliance.

At first, Malxari carried much disdain for the state of his people and their place in the Horde.
But, upon settling into this new way of things, he came to admire the Orcs of the Horde in particular, as well as realising that his people were as resilient as ever.

Having a particular dislike of the undead, it was hard for Malxari to acclimatise to the Forsaken.
However, having met several extremely competent Forsaken throughout his time in the Eastern Plaguelands, he has come to realise that he shouldn't judge another by their tusks, hooves, or state of being, but by the content of their character.

What does your character think of the current state of the Horde? Branching off from this, tell us in brief about their opinion on Thrall's and Garrosh's Horde.

Currently, Malxari is relatively impressed with Sylvanas' charismatic leadership. However, he is far more interested in the smaller details of the larger picture - the state of the Kirin Tor, the conflict between the Worgen and the Forsaken, the decimation of both Horde and Alliance throughout the various conflicts spanning the time he spent in the Vault. All of these things weigh heavily in on the struggle of getting the Alliance and Horde to co-operate against a common threat.

Malxari considers Thrall to have been a capable leader from what he has learned.
However, he considers the abandoning of his position and failure to support Hellscream's growth as Warchief to have been dangerously foolish.

What was your character's family like?

Malxari was not of noble birth, though his family spared no expense in ensuring he was well looked after. While his mother tended to a reasonably popular jewellery stand, his father served a noble House by the name of House Halvard - supplying them with rations, training weapons and practical clothing for field work.

As a young man, Malxari found himself exploring the darker corners of his home - associating with rougher types in the bars and dens of Quel'Thalas. Having picked up a few tricks here and there for his own personal safety, he became quite adept at watching his own back and keeping his head down - though the odd scrap here and there was inevitably had.

Malxari became close friends with one of the young men of the House (known as Atrillus) after having delivered several supplies when his father was recovering from having been accosted at night. Eventually, that friendship blossomed due to a request of his father's.

In exchange for cheaper rates on certain products, Malxari was to be trained in the finer points of swordplay and (to some extent) sorcery by the Master-at-Arms of House Halvard - Atrillus's father, as a favour to help keep the young elf away from trouble more than anything else.

While he didn't pick up the finesse of swordplay quickly, he was determined to learn, and spent much of his time practicing with Atrillus. As the two grew older and the young Atrillus began to take on more of the Household responsibility, he requested that Malxari would serve as his personal guard.

What was your character's life like before they chose to join the Convocation? Give us a summary thereof.

Malxari Nethershade worked closely with a relatively equipped Noble House known as House Halvard as a member of the Household Guard prior to the sacking of Quel'thalas at the hands of Arthas Menethil.

Having been stationed in Dalaran on a diplomatic mission at the time, he learned of the tragic events second-hand.

After the fall, he fought alongside Naga forces to aid in the repair of strategic points surrounding Dalaran before venturing into Outland - serving under Atrillus Halvard as a Sergeant in Kael'thas' forces.

Rising in rank and gaining influence, he was offered a post within the Sunfury as Captain of a Ballista team at Manaforge Ara. This post was never taken.

Seeing the horrors Kael was committing, Malxari fled to the Temple of Karabor - only to leave years later a fully fledged demon hunter.

When the siege of the Black Temple was concluded, and Malxari was captured alongside his brethren, he was brimming with vitriol and rage at his captors and those that aided them.

Since his release, he has come to understand that such things must be left in the past if there is to be a future for Azeroth.

What is your character's skillset, what would they contribute to the Convocation?

Malxari, as far as demon hunters go, has some skill at diplomacy - though his often blunt approach may hinder more than help, and often does. Whether this is in part due to his demonic nature is questionable, but it is definitely something to be considered.

Malxari possesses great knowledge of the Legion and their history, as well as having studied maps and logs of the world pre-sundering.

He is adept at utilising offensive and defensive arcane and fel sigils, as well as having a fair grasp on the fundamental nature of the arcane and fel.

Forgoing the typical glaives of an illidari, Malxari prefers to fight with a variety of weapons - his military training, still burning in the back of his mind, tells him that there's a specific tool for every task.

How does your character's respond to authority?

Malxari's mindset is remarkably orcish in respect to authority. Unless someone has proven themselves capable or worthy of respect, he will often step forward and challenge their opinions or plans - though usually this is meant in a constructive way, if it is someone he particularly dislikes it may be far more derogatory.

Section III – Writing

Should powerful artifacts be preserved as a record of history, or put to use in forging the future of those who acquire them? If either, why?

Malxari stirs in his seat uncomfortably, flicking a single silver coin through the fingers of his left hand as he swigs from a dark bottle with his right. Raising an eyebrow, he leans forward, swallows, and opens his mouth to speak.

"Listen to yourself. We're in the middle of a war - the most brutal war Azeroth has ever suffered through, and you're asking if we should keep staves and tomes in libraries?

If we don't make use of every single weapon at our disposal, there won't be any libraries left to keep your trinkets and baubles in. Now is the time for action. Find someone capable and trustworthy, and thrust these artifacts upon them. What use is power if we cannot utilise it?

The Legion use every tool at their disposal; if we're to defeat them, we must do the same, and we must do it BETTER.

Using power for one's own benefit will almost always backfire. Just look back on the history of this planet and see for yourself. There's only one future these tools should carve - OURS. All of ours.

If someone turned up on your doorstep brandishing a flaming cutlass and told you to run it through the nearest felguard you could find, would you hesitate? I'd hope not. There's only one option left for us now.

We fight together, or we die alone. Am I making myself clear?"

Frustrated, he resigns; slinking back in his chair, tossing the coin towards you in a nonchalant manner.

"Your next one's on me. Just think about it."

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Re: Application - Malxari Nethershade

Post by Sorlain » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:18 pm

As with the other two recent applications, this one covers everything we want to know through the application and then some. You can now look through the rest of the site and I'll get in touch in the near future to sort out any remaining OOC details before scheduling an IC interview.

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