Application - Maethorwen Hawkhelm

So you want to join the Convocation? This forum is here to give you a brief introduction to our guild and let you write your own applications for the Scions to review. Good luck!
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Application - Maethorwen Hawkhelm

Post by Maethorwen » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:42 pm

Section I - Player Information

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?


How much experience do you have with roleplaying?

Warcraft: Always RP’d, made it my main focus in WOTLK after migrating fully off a PVE realm, which had been my focus before then. Ran different RP guilds across that time. An alliance union guild till Cata, then officered and eventually refounded a guild horde side up till now.
Text based forums: Done a multiple of text based forum games for 15+years, played and DM’d.
Tabletop: GM’d a multitude of games, shadowrun, DnD, WoD in all its forms (Vamp changeling, etc), FATE, WoW tabletop,a Starcraft Tabletop homebrew, Startrek, starwars, Paranoia, bit of everything, many one shots, pokemon adventures.
Larp: Ran as part of a 4 person council the UK Vampire requiem weekly games 100 players+ society for 5+years. Run a yearly larp game, ran Stargate, ran changeling, ran Treasuretrap, ran many one shots/one offs/sanctioned events etc. Play in many others, been involved in the LARP scene for 15+years.

How confident would you say you are with the English language?

Native speaker, no language issues.

If you were to join the guild, how often would you be available?

Hopefully most of these dates. I am around on WoW on a daily basis and easy to get hold of/maintain contact with.

(see why do you wish to join section for elaboration.)

If you were to join the guild what would be your priority when online?

I am an RP’er primarily. My focus will always be on social/character development and eventing. Though I am also fond of community building things like Tmog runs, PvE and other games outside of WoW for fun and getting to know people beyond their characters, as I feel players who can separate the character and the player interact better and can create better stories/experiences together.

Why do you wish to join the guild?

Multiple reasons: I got a new job earlier in the year which includes my shift pattern changing monthly. I do not have a regular rota so making the same day every week is not possible and hard to predict, there will be weeks where I am available all 3 event days and some where I might only be available one or two or none. I was running a RP guild up till this point but other members also got new work which meant getting everyone together in a small concentrated group weekly became an impossibility. As a small group it also meant that RPing on other days or socially became difficult. What we are looking for is a strong community with social rp and events not always on the same singular day to provide the flexibility to drop in and out as we can. So no matter what days I end up working I won’t be bored and alone with no one to play with. We are also looking for the community aspect, players who get along sharing work and creations around their characters beyond the game, people who have a true passion for their roleplay.

Section II - Character Information:

What is your character's name?

Maethorwen Hawkhelm

What is your character's current occupation?

BloodKnight squire, Adept under training of Itharen Bloodshield, stable hand.

What is your character's race?


What is the reason for your character's interest in the Convocation? If he or she is not an elf, what would lead them to an elven organization?

ICly we have been orchestrating the dissolvement of our current guild, destruction by the hands of the legion forcing the group to leave or perish, characters being recalled home or redeployed elsewhere.
My character is squired to Itharen Bloodshield, her reasons are mostly his reasons so it is probably worth cross examining with his application. But the general gist is that Itharen has been knight commander for a rather long time, he is getting on in years and has pulled one too many stunts. We were thinking he could have been reassigned as a subtle political demotion, to a position of watching/training/advisory instead of active leadership, with perhaps instructions to keep an eye on those who the bloodknights aren’t massively keen on which we hear there are a few of in CoE. Lots of potential for political plot and character interactions. In brief, Itharen would be ‘reassigned’ as a way to try and force an unspoken retirement on him without causing a large upset packaged as a positive, and where he goes his squire (begrudgingly) goes. Though if the officers there after want to reassign or move or reorder the pair it’s completely up to the hierarchy within. Both players are willing to and would enjoy any potential drama of being split up or reassigned, but it makes sense the pair would arrive together to begin with.

What does your character look like?

Maethorwen is quite short and diminutive. She completely fails to make much of an impression in a group, which she does use to her advantage trying to shirk off work or attention. More one to shrink and disappear in a crowd than stand out. She has a round heart shaped face, a slightly upturned nose, and ears that seem shorter than average as they curl inwards to the crown of her head. The only striking feature really is a mop of unruly red hair which she usually keeps concealed in a cowl.

What does your character feel about the Blood Elves' place in the Horde? What is their opinion of the other races?

Maethorwen is a habitual coward. She leaves much of the discussion and diplomacy to her Knight Commander or whichever authority is around, and does her best to avoid conflict on “sensitive topics”. Though personally sometimes she may question their place in the horde, and she hasn’t had much interaction with other races up close. She’s not one to purposefully rock the boat and keeps opinions to herself, unless someone is being particularly pushy then she has had moments of speaking her mind. The character was designed as a blank slate. Every skill and opinion she has, has been developed through play. She has not had enough interaction with many of the other horde races beyond Forsaken to form an opinion of her own that isn’t just parroting her commanders, and her opinion of Forsaken so far is ‘pity’ but at a safe distance.

What does your character think of the current state of the Horde? Branching off from this, tell us in brief about their opinion on Thrall's and Garrosh's Horde.

In the current state of the horde she is both pleased and concerned. Pleased at the sunwells restoration as an avid believer in the light. Concerned at the on-going clashing of opinions between the traditional church of light believers and classic blood knights. She finds her own opinion more falling into the church of lights faith in the light as a blessing and way of life, in conflict with those who view it as a tool to be used. Not having been far from silvermoon in the past before her squire assignment most of her opinions on the horde are from books, hearsay, and general opinion and not formed from her own experiences. For example she understands and believes what she has been told about Thralls peace making and honourable horde, and has feelings of outrage and disgust towards the stories heard of Garrosh’s influence, especially towards the segregation of the horde and his use of dark shamanism and in her perspective his denial and turning from the light.

What was your character's family like?

Maethorwen herself is usually very quiet or dismissive of discussing her family, for good reason. House hawkhelm are primarily a farstrider based house, poor but numerous. They specialise in breeding an selling dragonhawks for those better off than them, they have no real status or titles beyond being a known working household that is in decline, and that there is quite a lot of them. If anyone had interest to look into it, they would find members of the house to also be dismissive of discussing maethorwen, or just blank the topic entirely. Anyone with any sort of contacts in historical documentation or a political ear for rumours would be able to find out that during the beginning of the first war and the forming of the alliance her parents were separated on different duties, yet her mother brought Maethorwen back with her. It is very heavily implied and rumoured that she is not her father’s daughter, the reason why they fell out and led to the houses decline, and a poorly concealed family secret. The hawkhelms are strict and traditional, though with the heads of the household in opposition and argument it has led to the loss of clients, and the quality of their produce has been noticeably worsening over the years. Though it is also stated that these are entirely just opportunistic rumours and speculation spread by those who would want to claim the land they own, it would be up to the investigator to make decisions for themselves.

A little information on her parents: I do have years in both general year age/averages and Kings calendar years though we’re aware the kings calendar is vague and inaccurate/imperfect and reverse engineered from Warcraft 1. And warcrafts time lines are at best vague. We don’t use the KC ICly but I like using it in my character documents to give me some ideas of timelines.

Father Halaan Sunrift (Aprox 117 in legion) 507 KC
Mother Rivormes Hawkhelm (Aprox 120 in Legion) 504 KC

Rivormes Hawkhelm is a quiet but determined women. She has a little bit of magical talent but cannot perform anything more complicated than basic spells. She however acted temporarily as a diplomat due to her calming nature during the first war. Halaan on the contrary was always considered to be quite the skilled strider with an arrogant and explosive temper, but youngest in a long line of brothers in a fairly respectable house. The pair met during a troll incursion into the Hawkhelm flats, and they became fond of each other. It was a pairing of both convenience and joy. Hawkhelm managed to add a higher name to their household and Halaan found a place and niche of his own away from the public eye of his elders. It is a shame now to see a once inseparable pair divided. Rivormes handles the homestead, seeing to the continued business and land operations, while Halaan returned to the farstriders and took on many military manoeuvres taking him away from the homestead and into the field.

( I do have a lot more information on her family/house make up/siblings/cousins, individual personalities, work, and history if wanted. But that is the general gist of her personal plot.)

What was your character's life like before they chose to join the Convocation? Give us a summary thereof.

Maethorwens life has mostly been one of either solitude or concealment. Kept out of the public eye and away from most things, which has given her a great lack in confidence and social skills. During most of her lifetime it was the rest of her house, her parents and her 7 older siblings who were called to action and war, where her job was to stay and tend to the homestead and keep the produce in good health. Whenever the call to arms was made, she was left behind due to age and ability. When the most bold of her family strode the dark portal, she stayed behind.

As she got old enough to no longer be considered a child, Maethorwen took up training in silvermoon to try and earn a place in her family. She conscripted into the farstriders and tried to take up a military training.

As the war against the scourge was reaching its precipice Maethorwen due to a mixture of incompetence and ill skill managed to put an arrow through a fellow student during some training manoeuvres. This student was Vyadaen Dawnreaver, a notable military house of noble lineage. In a moment of desperation Maethorwen reached out to the light for aid, an extremely hostile and aggressive nobleman bleeding out by her hand, and the light responded. It was no miracle of course, but she managed to call upon it enough to stem the bleeding till they could call for an actual medic.

Now the following history can be interpreted in different ways depending on your outlook. Maethorwen, displaying a talent for the light, was transferred to the Bloodknights in the wake of the light wells restoration to help embolden their numbers recover after such desecration.
Maethorwen was transferred to the Bloodknights to further embarrass and weaken her household of traditional farstriders to work under an equally questionable knight, perhaps orchestrated by the noble she happen to shoot and cause embarrassment for.

No matter which interpretation you believe, Maethorwen ended up squired to Itharen Bloodshield as he returned from the northrend campaign. Whether this was an easy job after a lifetime of war or a political screw over is up to how you see things.

It was under Itharens wing that she finally left their homelands, travelling where he travelled and learning what he had to teach about the ways of the light and the further world around them.

For years they travelled place to place on jobs assigned to Itharen before finding a somewhat permanent position in the plaguelands fighting lingering corruption and joining with other trainees of the order.

It is worth noting that Maethorwen started as a blank slate skill character and every skill ability and technique she knows has been taught to her by other players, she is a character that becomes a reflection of the time and effort and RP of those around her and still has a lot of things to develop on.

In relation to her fellow trainees Maethorwen did not have the military history, the extensive training, or right build to be the best fighter but she did find her niche in healing, shielding and support. She found her place tending to the camps need: stables, laundry, healing, and handling correspondences and mail.

Now having finally found a place she felt she had worth in, it has been taken from her by the legion.

What is your character's skillset, what would they contribute to the Convocation?

To quote blizzard, in wow we usually play the “one in a thousand hero” of note. Maethorwen is not that hero. Maethorwen brings a grounding aspect, it is hard to be noble when everyone is; it is hard to be a skilled swordsman when everyone is. Maethorwen provides a decent comparison in the difference of skill levels by not being particularly skilled in either department at all.

She also brings homebody skills: Animal husbandry, camp maintenance, and healing mostly via the light, but she has received mundane healing training as well. She has some minor skill as a scribe which were currently being developed by a teacher.

Do you consider being a walking political disaster a skill.

Though in the rare times the knights have dragged their unwilling squire into combat situations she has developed some skill with harnessing the light as a weapon, smiting and shielding. Though she prefers to avoid getting involved in combat and prefers to stay to the back as a support role, the knights about her have been trying to improve her combat training.

How does your character's respond to authority?

Again, Maethorwen is a habitual coward, which makes her a great toon to roleplay with if you are playing someone of authority who wishes to be able to RP that aspect. Maethorwen responds quickly and fearfully to authority. They say jump, she jumps immediately then apologises for getting it wrong and how high did they mean and maybe do it a few more times to be on the safe side. Though she has had a few brushes with disobedience, Maethorwens flavour of disobedience is purposeful misunderstanding of words and orders if she doesn’t fully agree with them or thinks she can get away with it. She is only rebellious within the constraints of the rules and orders given. Maethorwen can be known to perform “Malicious compliance” to quote Itharen Bloodshield on the topic.

Section III – Writing

“With the knowledge that the Wretched may never be cured of their ailment, what would be the most morally sound course of action in handling them?”

“Oh, well sir, I don’t know if I fully agree with the impossibly aspect, with all due respect sir.

Just because we do not have a method of healing them now, doesn’t mean it will always be that way. The light works in many different forms, and the progression of alchemical aid and shared knowledge from our allies, so maybe we could figure out a cure someday?

I think I’d quite enjoy reviewing the records of what’s been tried by whom sometime sir. Perhaps there are some new angles that haven’t been tried yet? I mean sir if we give up, condemn it as impossibility, and stop trying, then it will never happen. We need to hold faith and keep trying.

I mean I read recently sir about a similar case with those, ancient nightelves who didn’t turn from magic? Nightborne, right. They were able to… concoct some sort of fruit from their well of power that soothed their similar ailment? Sorry sir, I am not entirely sure of the details, but it’s a new development in healing those with magical ailments so perhaps if we looked into it more we could find some new healing avenues to try?
I’ve heard people talking about ‘putting them out of their misery’, the Wretched sir, not the nightborne. But I don’t really agree with that sir. I believe our people have strayed from the light before, and the slaughter of our own brethren is a path we shouldn’t even entertain, with due respect of course sir, I mean no disrespect to those who think that way of course sir.

I think the best course of action for them, and for us, is to gather them in some sort of camp, make them as comfortable as possible and provide an environment for those who study them to work and continue striding for a cure. You don’t beat the odds or make new discoveries by giving up.”


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Re: Application - Maethorwen Hawkhelm

Post by Sorlain » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:57 pm

As said in the reply to Itharen's, this is everything we expect from a good application and more. You can now view the rest of the forum and I'll contact you for further details online.

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