Application - Novia Athorlin

So you want to join the Convocation? This forum is here to give you a brief introduction to our guild and let you write your own applications for the Scions to review. Good luck!
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Application - Novia Athorlin

Post by Ess » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:14 pm

Section I - Player Information

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

I have dipped in and out constantly since Vanilla. I didn't have an account of my own until late Burning Crusade, and didn't properly get into the game until the start of Wrath of the lich king. Various breaks throughout (but I've played every expansion.) so ultimately, I'd say I've played it for 12 years.

How much experience do you have with roleplaying?

A lot. I was part of a little group of friends initially back in 2007(?) where we all started out, testing it. Since then, I've roleplayed in Garrys mod, various WoW private servers, forums, DnD. It's been an ongoing thing since that time in 2007, with some breaks here and there, too.

How confident would you say you are with the English language?

For being my second language I'm very confident in it. My vocabulary isn't bad, but can never be that of a native speaker, but I almost speak better English than my natiev language at this point.

If you were to join the guild, how often would you be available?

As of right now I'd be available quite a lot, every day for multiple hours, really. I'm often online for social purposes, too.

If you were to join the guild what would be your priority when online?

I definitely look to do some raiding content, the level of which I don't really know yet. Given that events happen on Wednesday (A very common raiding day) it's something I would have to figure out.

Why do you wish to join the guild?

I've never been in a RP guild. My RPs are often with friends, or one-on-one types (Adventures, tavern RP) but I realise that a lot of the RP these days take place in guilds, and I'm curious to see what it's like and chase my passion for creative story telling with (hopefully) a group of friends.

Section II - Character Information:

What is your character's name?

Novia Athorlin

What is your character's current occupation?

A ranger

What is your character's race?

Sin'dorei / blood elf.

What is the reason for your character's interest in the Convocation? If he or she is not an elf, what would lead them to an elven organization?

Novia has been a lonewolf for quite some time by choice, helping and lending herself where able, but to find a purpose within a group of her own kind would be an excellent time for her to shine, to be herself in an unapologetic manner and succeed in the missions ahead.

What does your character look like?

Novia is a shorter-than-average blood elf with a slender, almost lithe figure, contributing to her agile and nimble movement. With shoulder length strands of hair as fiery red as her personality, Novia often kept most if not all of it under a dark hood to help her with the camouflage that her occupation and preference asked of her.

Her attire rarely leaves the leathery fabrics, but the chosen colours is where things may vary, depending on the situation - Typically red or brown colours lets her hide into the nature, but it's not uncommon for Novia to be seen in those glorious and bright red and golden colours to show that patriotism that burns in her heart.

What does your character feel about the Blood Elves' place in the Horde? What is their opinion of the other races?

As far as Novia is concerned, the blood elves' place in the horde is a necessary evil. If she could have it her way, the sin'dorei would be strong enough to be on their own, without the pressure of the horde. While she's willing enough to work with the various races of the horde, her tolerance for them is very limited, struggling with authority from anyone that isn't a blood elf.

What does your character think of the current state of the Horde? Branching off from this, tell us in brief about their opinion on the Sylvanas and Saurfang conflict

Novia keeps a cautious eye on the state of the horde and the ongoing events, even if she's keeping a safe distance from it. Having sympathized with Sylvanas initially, for her seemingly selfish look on her forsaken, it was a view that she shared with the blood elves, prioritizing the well being of their kind. The downhill spiral of the banshee queen's actions started to run that sympathy down, until it was made clear that she didn't care for anyone but herself, even abandoning her forsaken.

What was your character's family like?

Both parents deceased. Father was a farstrider, mother was a priest.

A brother and a sister, neither of which Novia has any contact with due to differences.

What was your character's life like before they chose to join the Convocation? Give us a summary thereof.

Lonesome, doing work where able and needed, but mostly travelling the world with a dear pet.

What is your character's skillset, what would they contribute to the Convocation?

Archery, tracking. An excellent ranger as well as a scout.

How does your character's respond to authority?

She never follows orders blindly, always questioning them. If it's someone she respects she'll more likely comply, but stubborn as can be in many situations.

5) With the knowledge that the Wretched may never be cured of their ailment, what would be the most morally sound course of action in handling them?

"The arcane; a finicky source of power that we blood elves rely on. Without it we perish, too much of it and we lose our sanity, a delicate balance that we must maintain. For a long time we have seen the results of both sides of the extremity, and we have found temporary solutions to our maintenance. It seperates the strong-willed from the weak, the self-indulging from the selfless. While I sympathize with one of the extremities, the other one I do not."

"The wretched, being elves that couldn't control their addiction to magic are by definition proven to be weak-minded and selfish. Too violent and insane to surrender or be reasoned with. Like a deformed, suffering animal, the wretched need to be put down, to be let out of their suffering. They are only inflicting pain on themselves and other, innocent elves by constantly feeding their addiction."

"To waste our time and resources trying to handle the wretched in any other manner than a swift and painless death is a misplaced sense of righteousness. A mindset like that will hurt our people financially, as well as getting people killed, with no beneficial results at the end of it. If they were a worthy part of our people once before, they would understand our precaution, and that we only mean to protect those of us that didn't indulge, those of us who still have a chance."

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Re: Application - Novia Athorlin

Post by Sorlain » Fri Jun 19, 2020 8:21 am

As we talked over earlier, the only things that stand out are discussing some scheduling conflicts. Past that, it checks out in all sections. Welcome aboard.

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