Application Form - Necessary if you want to join

So you want to join the Convocation? This forum is here to give you a brief introduction to our guild and let you write your own applications for the Scions to review. Good luck!
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Application Form - Necessary if you want to join

Post by Sorlain » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:53 am

Hello, I'm Sorlain and I'm the Guildmaster of the Convocation. After some discussion we've put together and slightly updated this guide to help make it easier for everyone who's interested to know all they'll need to join the Convocation. This form is here to assist you in how best to write your application jand give us a better idea of what you want from the guild and what we can deliver in return.

This lengthy application form is based heavily on those used by the Spine, a Forsaken guild on the Sha'tar which disbanded before Mists. If any of you are watching (and I know you are, because some of you are part of us), all credit goes to Geriand and Co who first devised it and who's work we've borrowed for our own form, though somewhat condensed and with relevant questions changed.

If you wish to find general information on the guild before you apply, this forum has an article on the matter, and if you have more patience and would like to be more accustomed to its lengthy storyline, I'd recommend the Sha'tar wikia page on the Convocation, easy to visit from the front page, or the recaps that go over what the Convocation has done from around the start of Warlords up to this point. Older storylines are covered in a legacy topic and our wikia page, though both are incomplete.

Without further ado, this is the form, along with explanations on what we'll be asking of you in italics below. It is highly recommended to answer every question, as each can help give us a better idea of what kind of player you are and what the Convocation can offer you.

Section I - Player Information

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

Pretty straightforward. Either expansion or year will do.

How much experience do you have with roleplaying?

This does not necessarily have to only apply to World of Warcraft, or even only RP in MMOs either. It is recommended that you tell us what you roleplayed in and in what capacity. Were you a player? A DM? Detail, in short, would be appreciated.

How confident would you say you are with the English language?

While much of this will come across with your writing style and we're not asking for a certificate, we'd like to know what you think of your skills with the language. Not being a native speaker is more than okay, same with dyslexia, etc. provided you tell us and put in an effort to be understandable.

If you were to join the guild, how often would you be available?

This is quite self-explanatory. The guild typically runs events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we'd like to know if you can be active on at least two of these days, as well as showing up on non-event days for social purposes.

If you were to join the guild what would be your priority when online?

Some of our members raid or do PvP as well as roleplay. While we're willing to make exceptions, we would prefer that you prioritize guild events over PvE or PvP content or that you send us prior warning if you can't make it on a certain day.

Why do you wish to join the guild?

Now this is out of our hands.

Section II - Character Information:

What is your character's name?

Your character's full name, titles excluded if there are any.

What is your character's current occupation?

What is your character's current position? Is he a Blood Knight, a Ranger, a mercenary? This is also where you'd list any titles he or she might have.

What is your character's race?

Blood Elves are obviously the majority in the Convocation, but given that there are Forsaken, we would be willing to accept a non-elf, but there will need to be a strong justification behind it, which leads us to...

What is the reason for your character's interest in the Convocation? If he or she is not an elf, what would lead them to an elven organization?

This is where you lay out your character's motives for joining the Convocation. While always important, it is especially so if you intend to join on a character that is not an elf. We recommend you have a read through the guild wikia page or the information moved from there to this forum to have a better idea of what might lead your character to consider the organization as befitting their talents.

What does your character look like?

Or in other words, what is their appearance. The main purpose of this is to see what your skill at descriptions are. We recommend you keep the text relatively short, but informative. Purple or beige prose are strongly advised against.

What does your character feel about the Blood Elves' place in the Horde? What is their opinion of the other races?

This question is intended to give us an idea of your character's views. While the Convocation has relatively mixed feelings on the Horde, that shouldn't impact your idea of your character or how you answer this or the following questions.

What does your character think of the current state of the Horde? Branching off from this, tell us in brief about their opinion on Thrall's and Garrosh's Horde.

Similar to the above, it's intended to see how your character would fit in what sort of situations they'd excel at. Speak your mind, we're interested.

What was your character's family like?

This is actually a bit of a trick question. Beyond just giving minor details about a bunch of supporting characters, it helps you flesh out your own backstory and knowing whether your character's from the north or the south of Quel'thalas, whether they're nobility or commoners, have family members in the Sunfury Spire or not helps tailor reactions to them. Provide detail.

What was your character's life like before they chose to join the Convocation? Give us a summary thereof.

This should be among the most extensive parts of your application. Glance over what isn't important and tell us about your character's history thus far. Important things to touch upon would be their life before the Fall, the Scourge Invasion, whether they followed Kael'thas to Outland and their reaction to his decision to join the Legion, the war with the Lich King, conscription under Garrosh, the Fourth War and their view on the Purge of Dalaran and the conflict that followed on the Isle of Thunder.

What is your character's skillset, what would they contribute to the Convocation?

This doesn't necessarily have to be combat skills, though we would like to hear that as well. If your character's a skilled alchemist or has political connections or even if they're a great cook. You never know what could come up and we'd like to know about it.

How does your character's respond to authority?

While the Convocation has had its brushes with lax discipline, it is important to know whether your character would be willing to answer to their corresponding Archon, and more generally, what their opinion on Quel'thalas or the Horde's ruling body might be.

Section III – Writing

Write a short text, around 300-400 words on one of the following questions:

1) Should the Light be allowed to play a role in Sin’dorei society again following the Sunwell’s restoration?

2) In light of the Purge of Dalaran, what should Quel'thalas’ course be in regards to relations with the Kirin Tor?

3) Taking into account the acquisition of part of the Thunder King’s arsenal by the Sunreavers, to what extent do you feel it is still necessary of The Sin'dorei to delve into darker magics?

4) Should powerful artifacts be preserved as a record of history, or put to use in forging the future of those who acquire them? If either, why?

5) With the knowledge that the Wretched may never be cured of their ailment, what would be the most morally sound course of action in handling them?

While this is also a test of your grasp on the lore and your ability to extrapolate on what the source material doesn’t go into detail on, it’s primarily our chance to see how capable you are in constructing a logical, cohesive argument. Whether you choose to write the text from your own or your character’s perspective doesn’t matter, provided you stick to one approach and tell us which one it is listed alongside the question you’ll be discussing. Below is an example, written by one of the successful applications on our old forum.

1) Should the Light be allowed to play a role in Sin’dorei society again following the Sunwell’s restoration?

“The short answer is no, however I'll expand on this.”

“My name is Alares Blacksun, and I am a Blood Knight – having been one since the Fall and the Order's inception. In that time, I learnt a lot about the true nature of the Naaru and their powers, and what may first appear to be a benevolent force, is in fact coercive in nature.”

“The Light is a form of magic that forces the wielder into surrendering their will to its desires. It reacts differently based on the approach, if one prays and acts in a way that it approves of, then it will 'reward' you with a sensation of unthinking bliss – yet if you are unable to use it in such a way, it punishes you. It screams in your mind, damning you for your disbelief. Condemning doubt and disobedience. In this respect, I see it as little better than fel magic. A drug or a slave master; punishing that which it doesn't approve of, despite having left many of our people to die at the hands of the Scourge. And I worry that with it tainting the Sunwell, it will try to further alter our very minds and souls.”

“And this moves to my next point, the Naaru – despite Liadrin's claim that we were wrong to fight for the very survival of our people – are all too keen to hoist their so-called 'blessings' upon our civilisation, despite the all too common accusation that we disrespected their power. I hear talk of a grand cosmic crusade, an army in which the lives of Azeroth's people are given for the Light's cause. In this, I suggest that their 'benevolence' is merely a front; a recruitment drive for their own agenda. To provide an addictive panacea to draw us into their cause, with the Naaru as our unquestioned gods. Our culture, lives and heritage thrown to the wind.”

“Because the Light is Good. The Light is Right. And the Light must not be Questioned.”